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List of windows shortcut keys you must know!

Most of them spending a lot of time on your computer or laptop for your work or whatever you need to do in the plant earth. In our plant 90% of personal computers running in a Windows operating system, so in this article, I list the shortcut keys you must know while working on a windows computer or laptop. because the shortcut keys really help us to make works are done very quickly and productivity is really important for your works. so you must know this list of windows shortcut keys, but I am not listing the Basic shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, or Alt+F4, because I know it, and you know it, so I list the unique and more valuable shortcut, keep read and grow your computer ideas.

Basic Windows shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction
Win+Shift+SThe Windows Snipping Tool without GUI, just immediately select the region and the image will be put on the clipboard
Win+PrtScrMake a full-screen screenshot that’s immediately saved in the Pictures folder
Win+MMinimize all window
Ctrl+Win+left/right arrowNavigate between the virtual desktops
Win+Llock the screen
CTRL +SHIFT+NCreate a new folder
Win+DHide the desktop or show the desktop
Win+NumberChanging between tabs
Alt+Tabshifting tabs in windows

Browser shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction
Ctrl+TabChange between tabs
Ctrl+numberChange between tabs the same way as changing between Windows app with Win+number
Ctrl+WClose current tab
Ctrl+TOpen new tab
Ctrl+Shift+TOpen the previously closed tab
Ctrl+RFully reload the webpage, ignoring cache

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Shortcuts You know

I hope you get a lot of ideas and planning to use this shortcut keys in your daily life, you will so you must use this shortcuts because it is really worthy to use in your computer days. If you feel you know something else and unique shortcut key, let me know in the comment sections.

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