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How To View Saved Wifi Passwords On Your Windows And Android

We are using wifi networks for our internet connections in our home, office, gym, coffee shop, and everywhere. Once we connect the wifi in our laptop or mobile phone, we don’t need to enter the password again, whenever the wifi network is available it will be directly connected and we can access the internet via that Wifi network. But the real problem comes in when we need to see the saved passwords from our laptop or mobile phone because sometimes we need to share our wifi password with our guests or friends who are visiting our house, or we need to enter the password to our new devices.  If you are trying to view the saved Wifi password directly, you’re out of luck. But thankfully there are ways around this.  In this article, I share the techniques to view the wifi password from your android phone which is running Android 10 or above, and your windows PC or laptop. 

Find Your Wifi Password In Windows

Finding the wifi password in windows is a really easy task because windows computers have a lot of options to view the saved passwords, but here, I explain the two officials method to view the wifi password first one is using your control panel and the second one was a command prompt. both are perfectly working methods, also you can use a lot of third-party software to view the passwords.

View Wifi password using control panel

Open your Windows settings menu, and you find the option called Network & internet, open that setting by clicking that option.

fnd wifi password using control panel

In network and internet settings, click status view and you find the network and sharing center option at the right side of the panel. 

Wifi Password finding in control panel

Click the wifi name which was underlined by a blue line


Select wifi properties in the in wifi network properties dialog box. 

In a security tab, you can see the wifi password, click the Show characters check box, and see the wifi password.   

Find Password Using CMD(Command Prompt)

The first method was working absolutely fine, but if you want to view previously saved wifi details, right now the network is not available, then we need an advanced method. Using a command prompt is not a difficult way, it just works by typing a few commands in a black box. 

First, open the run command by press the Win + R shortcut key and type CMD in the run box. It directly opens the command prompt on your windows.

Find Password using CMD

type the below command in your command prompt and it will list the previously connected all wifi profiles.

netsh wlan show profile
show wifi profiles

Now just note the wifi SSID, which you want to see the password then type the below command in CMD to see the complete detail about that wifi profile including the password.

netsh wlan show profile "wifi-Name" key=clear

change the wifi name to profile name, for example, If I need to see the wifinormal password in the above image, then we need to type the command as “netsh wlan show profile wifinormal key=clear”.

wifi profile view

once the command was executed in CMD, then we see the full detail about the wifi network. and also we got a wifi password in the security tab –> key content area.

wifi password view

Both methods will be enough to view the password on windows computers. don’t use any third-party tools for this simple thing.

View Wifi Password Using Android Mobile

You’re mobile running on android 10 or more, then you get an option for sharing a wifi password in one tab. just open settings –> wifi.

then you see the tab to share password option. just click that and it will open a QR code which was included in the wifi password.

Now open QR scanner in another mobile, if your mobile doesn’t have a QR scanner app then just download the app from the play store. and scan the WIFI QR using the scanner app and see the wifi password in another mobile.

These methods are working fine and easiest method to view the wifi password from your old devices. still, you can’t find the password then you need to reset the router or find the password on the router page if you remember or passible to access the router login page.

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