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How To Score 999999 In The Google Chrome Dino Game.

Everyone loves to play games, but not play the same games, some peoples like Candy crush, some peoples like Free fire, but everybody play the Google Dino game, because whenever our internet was down, chrome push the t-rex dino game in our chrome window, so we can play the Dino game until over internet came back. If your start playing the Dino game, you can achieve 1000 to 2000 Points, more than that is really harder but Google Chrome Dino game is built in simple JavaScript, just made some simple tweaks from console section and you got the unlimited score from this game.

Google chrome Dino Game Opening in chrome browser

The first simple trick is that you don’t need to be out of the internet to play this game, if you need to test the game right now,  all you need to do is to just open chrome browser and type chrome://Dino and press enter then you will have this dinosaur or t-rex or the dino game available even you have internet and you can start playing on this game this is a very simple but fun game and once you see an obstacle you can jump quickly but if you are not that good like me you will soon get stuck and the game would be over and that would be a very sad moment.

Rewrite GameOver functions to score 999999.

You can write a simple one line of code to get out of this game over and gain an unlimited number of points so who doesn’t want this and all you have to do is to just right click and then select inspect and something like this will open on the right side or in the bottom and you have to select on the console so click on the console and then you just write one single line of code.

T-Rex game hack to score 999999
Runner. Instance_ .gameOver = () => {}

Google already have written a function that would be executed when you hits on an obstacle and then they will end the game and show your final score but what we as a geeky person will do will write our own game over function and that would be an simple function and you can write empty function many ways in javaScript but the simplest and the quickest way is to write two parentheses or the first bracket and then you will write an arrow which would be equal sign and then a getter sign and after that you will need to write a second bracket and close it that’s all you need to do and right now you can just press enter.

That’s all you need to do now you can go back to the game just minimize it or close it and start playing and once you start playing at this point the game over function that you wrote would be executed and you have nothing inside it to stop the game so that’s why the game would be keep running until you just stop this browser otherwise it would be continuing and you would be start gaining numbers not just like 100 or 200 you can gain thousands of numbers without doing anything so this is the very simple trick that you can do as a developer.

Increase The Speed Of The T-Rex Dino

But your only objective is getting a higher score in a quick time, and then we need to play faster, do some JavaScript magic to play faster in the game, write the below code in the console section and it will fast forward your game up to 5000 times.

Runner. Instance_ .setSpeed (5000)

Close the console tap and wait a couple of minutes to reach the highest score of 999999 in the Google chrome Dino game. Just screenshot your highest score to show your friends and colleagues.

How to turn normal Game

Just close the Google Chrome and open it again, that’s it,  our changes will be removed, now you can play the game in normal mode.

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