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How To Download Telegram Files With Your Favorite Download Manager

Downloading large files out of Telegram may occasionally be painful, which is the reason why it’s almost always far better to steer clear of download files out of Telegram working with a Download Manager such as ADM(advanced download manager) or your own favorite download manager.  In this article, you’ll discover download files out of Telegram with your Internet Browser or your favorite download manager.

There are a lot of telegram bots that will help us to download files from Telegram. We will make use of one of these bots to direct download the files from the telegram.

What are these Telegram Bots and how do they help us in downloading large files from Telegram

When you’ve already been using Telegram regularly, then you may already realize that simple fact there are hundreds and hundreds of Bots for various purposes. Beginning with interesting bots to superb helpful bots (just like the one which people are just about to talk about in this article). These bots on Telegram may enable us to build an immediate download link for virtually any document uploaded to Telegram. Afterward, you also are able to use this connection to guide downloading the document with any other browser or software readily.

Download Files From Telegram

Step 1: Open your telegram App from your mobile or desktop App.

Step 2: In Global search options search the bot files web server, or choose the below listed any one bot.

Step 3: Start the bot using ./start command in the bot chat page.

Step 4: forward any files, which you want to download to this bot chat, the bot will reply with the download link.

Step 5: select the link and open it from your favorite browser to start the download or share the link to anywhere.


This is the way we download files out of Telegram utilizing some bots that are public. Once the download link is generated, you may use the hyperlink anywhere to get into the document. The very best part is that you can share the established download link with anybody and They’ll be able to get into the document, also…

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