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Cheap And Best Stylus For Android Mobiles

The best stylus will help you to convert your android mobile phone or tablet into a great digital art device. If you’re using adobe illustrator draw, Infinity design, Sketchbook, etc..  to draw awesome art, then your fingers are not enough to draw your super fantastic art, using a stylus makes it more convenient to draw and finish your art quickly. Not all phones are specially designed for stylus support, some dedicated mobiles, like the Samsung Note series, moto g stylus, and LG Q stylus support stylus functions, if you need a stylus for your current using mobile, then in the market we don’t get a lot of options to choose the cheap and best stylus, here I am sharing my experience to this cheap and best stylus for your great artworks.

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Looking at the design, it is a solid build, and good weight to handle while drawing, in the top we can remove the tips and the package includes another extra tip, in case you are breaking the current one, we can easily replace another one. Still, your need extra tips then you can purchase the Tips, but surprisingly it never broke until you planning to broke and change it. the writing tips are very flexible and not broken until you bend upside down.

ELV FPStyli-2Gen-JETBLKIN Fine Point 2nd Gen Stylus Pen


There is no pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, etc.. you just use this stylus to do, what you do with your hand and touch screen. but your hand was very big to accurate while drawing, but using this stylus you can draw the image very accurately, And 90% of the time the touch perfectly working.


These are my sample images, I am using this stylus to draw.

hey! don't judge me to see this images, because I am not an expert like you! 

I just post a video timelapse for my workflow, if you are interested to see just check this link.


This Stylus easily makes a scratch to your mobile screen, even if your mobile was protected by corning gorilla glass 5 protection. while you’re drawing, the front attached disk makes a scratch. but the disk really helps to remove the dust from our mobile screen for better accuracy. So before using this stylus must apply good quality Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. it will really help to save your mobile screen from scratches.

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