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Google camera ports download (all device list) (Gcam Port hub)

After buying a new Smartphone, everyone wondering how well our Smartphone cameras. The modern mobiles are taken the good photos. But after launching the Google pixel line-up Smartphone, everyone noticed that the mobile images are not only depending on the hardware, because the Google pixel phone took the amazing photos even using the same hardware. Then the developers port the Google camera app to all other supported mobiles (commonly called as Gcam port), after using the Gcam the image quality was really improved comparing to our default camera app. So everyone loves to use the Gcam instead of using a default camera app. If you are also wondering to use the Gcam for your mobile, I covered in this article to install the Gcam mod to your mobile.


If you want to install the Gcam mod on your mobile, you are mobile need to support the camera2 api. You can easy check, whether you’re mobile support the camera2 API. All you need is install the camera2 API probe application, which is available in play store.

best Gcam
LEGACYOnly support camera1 API
LIMITEDSupport some camera2 API, but not fully supported
FULLSupport all major feature
LEVEL_3Support full + YUV Reprocessing

Your mobile support camera2 API, then you can move forward to download the Gcam mod port, if your mobile was not support the camera2 API, then first you need to enable the camera2 API, by rooting your mobile. It is entirely different topic, and also rooting your mobile makes void the warranty. If you knew already, how to root your mobile then enable the camera2 API is an easy task. You can edit the “build.prop” or using Magisk to enable Camera2 API.

How To Install Gcam Mod On Your Mobile:

  • Download right GCam port APK for your mobile and install the APK file.
  • Download config file (if available)
  • On your internal storage, create the folder by the name of “Gcam”
  • Inside the Gcam folder create another folder by the name of Configs (for Gcam 6.x) Configs7 (for Gcam 7.x)
  • Copy and paste the config file to configs folder.
  • Open the Gcam app, double tap on the black area near camera shutter button, and select the config file.


Mobile ModelGcam APKConfig
Realme XTGcam 7.2Config File
Realme XGcam 7.2Config File
Realme X2Gcam 7.2Config File
Realme X2 ProGcam 7.2Config File
Realme X3Gcam 7.4Config File
Realme 6Gcam 7.2Config File
Realme 6 ProGcam 7.2Config File
Realme 5Gcam 7.2Config File
Realme 5 ProGcam 7.2Config File
Realme 3Gcam 7.2Config File
Realme 3 ProGcam 7.2Config File
Realme 2 proGcam 7.2No
Realme 1Gcam 7.0Config File
Realme X50 ProGcam 7.3Config File
Realme 7 ProGcam 7.3Config File 


Mobile ModelGcam APKConfig
Redmi K20/ Mi 9TGcam 7.2Config File
Redmi note 9 Pro/ 9S / Pro MaxGcam 7.2No
Redmi Note 8Gcam 7.3Config File
Redmi Note 8 ProGcam 7.3Config File
Redmi Note 7 /7S/ 7 proGcam 7.3Config File
Redmi Note 6 ProGcam 7.3Config File
Redmi Note 5 ProGcam 7.3Config File
Redmi Note 4Gcam 7.2Config File
Redmi 8Gcam 6.1No
Redmi 7Gcam 6.1Config File
Poco F1Gcam 7.3Config File
Poco X2Gcam 7.2Config File
Poco X3Gcam 7.3No
Poco c3Gcam 7.3No
Mi A3Gcam 7.3Config File 
Mi A2Gcam 7.2Config File
Mi A2 liteGcam 7.0No 
Mi A1Gcam 7.2 Config File


Mobile ModelGcam APKConfig
Nokia 7.1Gcam 7.2No
Nokia 7.2Gcam 7.2No
Nokia 7 PlusGcam 7.3Config File
Nokia 6.1Gcam 7.2Config File
Nokia 6.1 PlusGcam 6.1No 
Nokia 8.1Gcam 7.2No


Mobile ModelGcam APKConfig
OnePlus 3/3TGcam 6.2No
OnePlus 5/5TGcam 7.0Config File
OnePlus 6/6TGcam 7.2Config File
OnePlus 7/7 ProGcam 7.2 Config File
OnePlus 7T/7T proGcam 7.2Config File 
OnePlus 8Gcam 7.3Config File
OnePlus NordGcam 7.3Config File


Mobile ModelGcam APKConfig
Motorola One PowerGcam 7.2No
Moto one actionGcam 6.1No
Moto G5 plus/G5s PlusGcam 7.2No 


Mobile ModelGcam APKConfig
Micromax In Note 1Gcam 7.3No

If I forget to list your device, but still you’re wondering to use the Gcam, feel free to comment your device model, I try to add your device in this list.

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