Ctrenz started back in a year of 2017 as a YouTube channel, the main goal is educate the peoples about the latest technology, And I try to give the better guide to buy the right technology for your life styles. I always hope the technology is always making your life better.  If you had the perfect technology and you have sense to use it right way, then your life will move in right path.


I am anand krish(Anantharaj Krishnan), I love technologies, I have always been passionate about it.  And try the new technology gadgets like smartphones, headphones, laptop, and latest software, etc…one good day I decide to share my knowledge with you, this is where the ctrenz was born. I always try to make good quality contents and betterment every day. And definitely help you to make a right choice to buy the right technology, if you every have any doubt regarding anything in your life, feel free to contact me, my social media links are listed below.