8 Amazing To Do List Apps For Android
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8 Amazing To-Do List Apps For Android

Keep tracking your task is really the toughest things to do, if you can’t have them organized properly, that’s where a to-do list helps, they can add some organization to do the task at right time and keep you from forgetting important stuff. So to-do list is really important and makes easier your life. The to-do list was created on your android mobile is really helpful, because it was in your hand always like your another finger. Finding the exact match of to-do list app for your need is really harder, because surfing in Google play store and you will find more than 500+ to-do list apps, so here is my best pick of 8 amazing to-do list apps for android mobile.

Any.Do :To-Do List, Planner, Calendar & Reminders

Any.do is really a well known to-do-list app that gets the fundamentals right.  You’ve got The typical selection of activities, sub-activities, and notes you could include to help remind yourself of that which you are designed to complete.  There’s also cloud syncing therefore it’s possible to get your tasks on various places, including desktop, web, and tablet computers.  It’s a slick interface and also built-in aid for Cal Calendar should you would like to kill 2 birds with a single rock.  Any.do powerful, it’s easy, and also the majority of its features are all liberated.  Any.do is additionally one of those couple to accomplish list programs with support for the Google Assistant along with Amazon Alexa.

Microsoft To Do: List, Task & Reminder

Microsoft To-do would be the consequence of Microsoft buying Wunderlist in 2015.  Give it a try and you’re going to find Wunderlist’s DNA anyplace, and that’s always to state that this is a totally pleasant todo program.  Tasks may be coordinated by dates or inside alist.  Entering actions can be quick, and there is a quick add notification it is possible to pin to get from anywhere in your own cell phone.  To do may even let you organize your own daily life during the daytime.  There really are a couple of visual tweaks you may set in a dark mode like that.  You might even specify a subject and icon for everyone on your lists, which might assist you in keeping things organized, and Microsoft To-Do perform integrations on Zapier means that you are able to incorporate your endeavors with 1000 additional Apps. 

Nevertheless, the Actual killer attribute is integration using Microsoft’s ecosystem.  “Both Android and also Windows users may add jobs to Do via Cortana.  You might also sync endeavors with Outlook presuming you use the exact same Microsoft accounts fully for Outlook and also to perform. 

Microsoft To perform offers Migration for Wunderlist users, that’ll prove crucial when Microsoft shuts Wunderlist on May 6, 2020.  A few Wunderlist attributes, such as cooperation, are not yet offered into perform, therefore a few users may want to stay with Wunderlist in the brief term.  Long duration, but Todo perform resembles it may grow to be a solid offer…also it’s really pretty great at this time. 

Tasks: Todo list, Task List, Reminder

Tasks is just one Of the newer to complete list App.  It sports a gorgeous UI, a lot of customization possibilities, and also a significant collection of features.  Functionally it works like almost every other to-do-list programs.  You merely put from the actions, add payment dates and dates, and also complete the activities if necessary.  Some of those other features involve numerous lists, even a dark motif, and also a very simple design.  It will not always have significantly more popular features like list cloud or sharing syncing.  But not everybody requires those features.  It’s still very much in active development, so assess that the Play Store to find out what’s changed between today when we upgrade this list.

Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders

Todoist is among the very advanced level app managers round.  To begin with, Your lists have been organized into projects, however, you might even add customizable tags to each product.  The app may also handle perennial reminders, items, and payment dates, in addition to priority grades.  Additionally, it makes it simple to collaborate with different people by delegating these tasks within a job.  Todoist may also easily connect with additional programs like Gmail, Asana, Trello, and Alexa, which makes it easy to incorporate most of your tasks into one location.  Last, its own smart-watch compatibility, Assistant integration, and also integral widget create it a cinch to reassess your staying tasks in a glimpse.

Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done

A Google-backed job management app for the own Android Apparatus that fully integrates with Google software. Google Tasks enables you to insert and manage tasks directly from Gmail, with no requirement of launching a window.  The application carries a clear spin on conventional to-do list app by providing a very simple UI design that produces project management fast and simple. 

The instrument May Not be a Fantastic alternative for you if you are searching For an in-depth to-do-list administration.  However, if managing and creating to do lists on the move would be the forte, look no more.  Like most other to Do record apps, Google Tasks additionally comes with Simple drag and drop functionality that will assist you to enhance your to-dos and create quick changes whenever demanded.

TickTick: ToDo List Planner, Reminder & Calendar

TickTick has grown to become among the very popular activity Administration Programs.  It includes a slick and intuitive user-friendly interface also packs all you have to have organized: You are able to cause checklists, append tags, and add notes, and even upload attachments to every single task so you are able to manage whatever.  It’s simple to establish deadlines and program recurring tasks, especially by virtue of the bright date parsing functionality.  The built-in alliance feature also enables you to share items with different individuals, therefore it’s a lot easier to come together.  TickTick includes a widget along with a Spray OS program, letting you examine your to-do list in a glimpse.  Gleam Premium subscription that provides you with access to features, including customizable topics, a calendar perspective, higher constraints for reminders, tasks, and collaborators, in addition to third party integration using calendar and preparation applications. 

Asana: Your work manager

Asana is most likely among the very effective ones around.  Rather than being a mere job manager, it’s built for more intricate job administration.  It can hence handle matters such as projects, tasks, contacts and attachments, and cooperation.  The latter is fairly broadly developed, as people are able to enjoy and discuss thoughts, which makes it a whole lot less difficult to centralize everything.  If alliance past sharing grocery store lists along with your partner is significant to you personally, Asana might be among the most useful choices you’ve got.  Most features are free and allow you to work up to 15 people, therefore it is definitely well worth giving it a go. 


Keep and share Maintain And Share is just one of the ideal to-do list apps because of a thorough and practical feature assortment.  It enables you to organize every own day to the calendar through text, text, graphics, and files.  Write your notes or upload them and share them with close friends and loved ones. You may filter your entire endeavors through various statuses. Besides, you’re able to upload those records onto your own site, that you simply may place as downloadable.  An excellent feature is discerning sharing therefore perhaps not everyone has to be aware of your own plans.  You’ll have conversations, in Addition, to send messages through an alone button.  All of this and more could be performed through the Maintain and Share calendar.  Plus, it’s free of charge!

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